I apply the biology of creative thinking

with the science of group facilitation --

to bridge from where you are to where you want to be.



Mark Stinson brings more than 30 years of innovation strategy to his group facilitation:

  • Team meetings

  • Advisory boards

  • Focus groups

  • Training workshops

  • Visioning




Limited to only eight participants, these groups draw on the expertise of their disparate members to create bold both changes within an organization and in the marketplace. Mark employs a set of proven facilitation technologies and tools to the table to foster these innovations. The tools he uses accelerate the rate at which groups produce usable ideas for change and capture the steps it takes to get there. An optimum timeframe to create productive group interaction A set of proven facilitation tools and technologies to accelerate ideas and capture action steps Demonstrations of the science of "breakout" idea facilitation through proven exercises



Strategic GPS


A well-established tool that makes facilitation and innovation simpler. Using three examples during the presentation, Mark guides groups into a better understanding of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  He also suggests supporting research methodologies to apply metrics to strategy.




Mark helps companies and organizations in the health, science, and technology fields to create their unique brand messages. From teaching them how to find their "Big C" customer to assisting them with the application of C.H.E.M.® his proprietary method of brand development, students of Mark's methodologies come away from sessions with a better understanding of how to communicate their brands to the marketplace. These presentations also include case studies and instruction on the best practices in the industry, stretching across 10 touchpoints of a brand experience.




If you’ve been feeling like

there’s a big difference between

where you are and where you want to be

in life or work –

I have the program to help you bridge that gap.


N-of-8 Mastermind Groups


The next groups begin soon. And I’d love for you to be involved.


  • A group of 8 people … to help take your career or new business to a higher level – or change direction entirely and set off on a new course aligned with your passion.

  • A schedule of 8 weeks … to help you invigorate relationships with new people who share your purpose – and also are seeking more from life.

  • A syllabus of 8 key themes … for you to get feedback on the professional and personal journey – and gain insight and confidence to pursue burning goals.


This new series of N-of-8 Mastermind Groups is how I can help you get the right people and right ideas together.


To ensure we get focused on your specific goals, you have 3 different groups from which to choose:

  1. Career Advancement,

  2. Entrepreneurial Growth, or

  3. Personal Development


I am so excited to be forming these exclusive groups in a convenient, easy-to-access web-based platform. I have hosted many interviews and focus groups like this before and keep going back to it because it is truly effective.



You have the power to attain the goals you want. Let’s work together to design the plan that will give you the deepest sense of accomplishment and greatest sense of purpose.


What’s your investment?


The standard price of the N-of-8 Mastermind Group program is $1,899.


I’m offering you

special pricing of

only $800.


Click on one of the buttons, and let me know which of the three group you’d like to join:

  1. Career Advancement 

  2. Entrepreneurial Growth, or

  3. Personal Development


And I’ll reach out to you personally with the logistics of the next sessions.


Based on the surveys and phone calls I’ve had with potential members,  N-of-8 Mastermind Groups promises to be a powerful 8-week series of 2-hour video conferences with game-changing significance.


You and a select small group of other high achievers will have access to my tools and facilitation, plus to each other. Together, we’ll walk through processes for drilling down to your core objectives and creating a “new life strategy” that will help you achieve your biggest goals.


Because of the group’s intimate size, you go deeper and farther in manifesting your purpose and mission in business and life.



Here’s what you’ll achieve
during this expansive 8-week program


  • “What’s in your toolbox?” – how we use processes, go-to methods, & habits

  • “Whatever it takes” – how to make real commitment, maintain perseverance, & build resilience

  • “Get the facts” – how to use facts, data, numbers, & budgets to overcome indecision

  • “Make it personal” – how to practice transparency, cultivate trust, make better connections, & build emotional intelligence

  • “Do you have a back-up plan?” – how to anticipate obstacles, create contingencies & look at your options

  • “Take me to your leader” – how to continue expanding your network, engage mentors, & elevate your circle of influence


These kinds of groups
attract a higher caliber of participants.


These are people who are already successful and willing to take serious jumps in their careers, their personal lives, and the influences they have in the world.


When you collaborate with such energized and motivated people, you tap into the power of the N-of-8 Mastermind Group to become more energized and powerful yourself.

I’ve personally facilitated groups with 100s of people who wanted to achieve a specific outcome (marketing strategy, branding, stories, social advocacy, new products, customer insights, and more)

And I’ve been a part of mastermind groups, often described as one of the most effective success tools you can use.


That’s how I’ve built N-of-8 Mastermind Groups. On the foundation of Napoleon Hill’s classic principles, then adding techniques and practices from my own experiences and from Dale Carnegie Training, Executive Development Systems, Edward deBono Thinking, Center for Creative Leadership, University of Illinois at Chicago Family Business Council, and Jack Canfield Self-Esteem Seminars.

Take a look at how the first N-of-8 Mastermind Groups will work:

  • You can choose to join one of three kinds of groups – career advancement, entrepreneurial growth, or personal development

  • I will screen the group participants for compatibility of purpose, experience, and chemistry

  • We will schedule 8 weekly web-based video group calls

  • I will provide the basic structure and agenda for each 90-minute weekly session

  • I will facilitate the sharing of ideas, information, feedback, contacts, and resources – then adapt the content to meet the group’s specific needs

  • I will follow-up between sessions to accelerate the relationships, check in on group dynamics, and prepare for next steps.


To be considered for this opportunity, you should commit to 4 critical conditions:


  1. Agree to join each week's video conferences. You’ll be ready to immerse yourself in the processes, consultative exchanges, and brainstorming discussions.

  2. Prepare to share. You’ll be ready to express yourself. listen to others, read the recommended texts, and pursue your ideas with passion. Certainly you must want more for your own life, but also wish to make an impact in the lives of the other members of our group.

  3. Bring an open mind and desire to learn. You will be willing to learn and apply some very powerful concepts for producing the results you want quicker.

  4. Make a 100% commitment to action on the strategies you uncover. The counsel and recommendations from the group will be based on years of real-life experience and millions of dollars’ worth of real-life execution.


100% satisfaction guarantee


If you don’t feel you’re getting the most value from your first N-of-8 Mastermind Group, I will credit your investment to a new and different group at no additional fee.


Although I could easily charge more (and corporate clients pay much more), I want to make it possible for everyone who’s serious about reaching extraordinary goals that could change their world to get in an N-of-8 Mastermind Group.


That’s why, instead of the standard price of $1,899. I’m offering you special pricing of only $800.